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Why should I apply for ISO 14001 certification?

Businesses face increasing pressure from customers, regulators and governments to reduce their environmental impact. Gaining ISO 14001 certification is the clearest way to show your organisation’s commitment to this goal. As well as helping you meet your existing legal obligations, our ISO 14001 consultants can help your business prepare for changes to environmental legislation, reduce costs and strengthen its environmental reputation.

Here are some benefits of using the ISO 14001 framework:

  • Identify cost savings, particularly in your resource, waste and energy management
  • Improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact across your product life cycle
  • Improve your corporate image and credibility, so helping you win new customers
  • Quantify, monitor and control the ongoing environmental impact of your operations
  • Ensure your organisation understands and complies with environmental legislation, so reducing the likelihood of fines and prosecutions
  • Improve the environmental performance of your supply chain
  • Potentially reduce the costs of public liability insurance for your organisation
  • Clearly identify leadership responsibilities and improve employee engagement through improved communications

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